FT Bletsas is a food specialist, TV show host and performer from Greece. He is also a musician, composer, writer and music producer who introduced the innovative idea of the Foodmusic Show; a performance where food, music and humor all come together into one truly tasty event!

Driven by his thirst for knowledge, he obtained Bachelor?s and Master?s degrees in Computer Science from Essex University and Imperial College in the UK, but turned down an offer for a faculty position at Imperial College and a high-paying IT job in the USA to follow his heart, finally indulging in his passion for nutrition, food, music, cooking, performing, learning, writing and travelling.

FT owes his earliest formative culinary experience to his mother, Mary, who initiated him into the secrets of cooking when he was very young: It was the combination of sinfully delicious flavors and ingredients that brought about his incurable addiction to good food! Having grown up on the Mediterranean coast, FT has developed a great love for Mediterranean cuisine and a passion for promoting great-tasting healthy food.

Eager to learn more, FT has traveled around the globe in search of local recipes, read extensively about food and healthy eating, attended seminars and was mentored by internationally acclaimed chefs, and today he is one of the most prominent food experts in Greece.

He offers healthy cooking classes and seminars. He is also a certified raw food chef & teacher, nutrition and wellness advisor with a Higher International Diploma in Nutrition, food business consultant, NLP practitioner, public speaker and personal coach offering one-to-one training to celebrities, business people, athletes and other high achievers. In 2010, he completed a E-Learning Psychology Management degree at Athens University.  

One of FT’s goals has been to encourage young people and children develop healthy eating habits: He has played an active role in the Greek and Cypriot Ministry of Education?s Health Education Program, visited schools and summer camps, always advocating healthy eating in a cheerful, entertaining, musical way! 

FT has also been active in promoting Greek food products through live cooking demonstrations, Foodmusic Shows, and International Food events, in collaboration with the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board and various other nationwide and EU-supported initiatives.

He is the host of a popular and entertaining food and travel TV show in Greece and Cyprus, broadcast around the globe through satellite and cable television networks. The show, “Mama’s Kitchen,” takes FT (and his guitar) to towns and villages all over Greece, showcasing home cooking by Greek moms, acclaimed chefs, and everyday people. He has also appeared as guest in hundred TV programs, live magazines and large public events. Moreover has contributed articles and recipes in several publications, authored cookbooks and written songs that combine his culinary and musical interests. Recently he has been traveling and filming abroad, and plans to expand his international presence to show new audiences how to play with their food and sing their way to a healthier, happier, tastier lifestyle!

In the beginning of 2010, during the Greek Debt crisis he released his book “Cooking Economy” with tips and recipes for tasty, healthy and most of all low-cost way of eating. The book that quickly became a best seller, now helps thousands of Greek people overcome the negative effects of IMF and EU financial terms.

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